Baby Sensory Doncaster

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Alison Holmes

I’ve been a primary and Early Years teacher for 13 years; I love working with children and their parents and feel a great amount of pleasure and fulfilment from watching families grow and learn together. Since attending Baby Sensory classes with my firstborn back in 2014, I have been a huge advocate of the Baby Sensory programme. I instantly fell in love with the special time that it gave me with my precious baby - exploring the world around us and sharing magical moments together that I will truly never forget. As soon as I fell pregnant with my second child, I couldn’t wait to sign up again to Baby Sensory classes and relive the wonder all over again! Baby Sensory not only helped my baby to learn and develop, but also helped me to appreciate and develop my own understanding of how babies learn, providing me with new, fun activities that we could replicate at home. I have no doubt that attending Baby Sensory helped to give both of my children a great start in life and also helped me to develop my skills and confidence as a parent. Once my family was complete, I decided that I would love to run my own Baby Sensory classes, in order to help other parents and carers discover this world of amazement and fun with their own little ones! I feel really lucky to now run my own Baby Sensory classes, and to be able to pass onto others the awe and wonder of this fabulous learning and development programme for babies.