Baby Sensory North West and Coleraine


Orla Dineen

I attend classes with my twin boys in 2014 in Dundee with the lovely Claire. I got so much out of the classes personally as I was having a hard time with pnd. I started thinking about returning to work when I realised that financially it would be the right move as I’d have 2 baby’s in full time child care. I would have never have seen them with my work hours and travel. In January 2015 I moved my family back to my home town, compleated my Baby Sensory training and have never looked back. I love seeing all these wonderful little baby’s grow through their first year watching them meet their mile stones. It really isn’t like any other job!

Tracy Anderson

As well as being class leader to all our fabulous babies at Baby Sensory North NI , i am mum to three wonderful kids, Ellen, Matt & Joni and wife to hubby Keith. After a career in Business Development and time spent at home with my own children i was looking for a vocation that would allow me to indulge my love of singing, story-telling and early-learning activities . A career that would still grant me time to spend with my own family-Baby Sensory class leader fulfilled all the criteria. I am into my third year of running these magical, award winning classes and i am always saying to my colleagues that i would have loved to experience them as a mummy.Recently i have experienced first hand the benefits of the classes to my own little niece Ada and my sister Amy. I loved spending time with all my children when they were babies. I am passionate about mums setting time aside to interact and play with their little ones in what is an ever increasing busy lifestyle and Baby Sensory allows you to do so in such a clean, colourful and friendly environment. I love this programme and l look forward to meeting lots of new mums and their babies in the future,

Jessica McVeigh

’m Jessica and I have been a class leader since September 2019. I currently run Baby Sensory classes in Eglinton, Pennyburn, Dungiven and Irish Street. Before I became a class leader, I graduated from Ulster University with a degree in Psychology and became fascinated particularly with developmental psychology. In the middle of my degree, I had my daughter and she attended classes for 10 months. During those 10 months, I fell in love with Baby Sensory classes and how stimulating they were for my daughter, seeing first hand how much she enjoyed them and how they helped her strive developmentally right in to her toddler years. When I seen the job advertisement, I applied and never looked back. I love seeing all my lovely babies grow and learn new skills each week as well as seeing the parents socialise and make new friends too! It is truly magical and I feel so lucky to be in the job I am.