Baby Sensory Derby East

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Nicola Foulds

After being a Primary School teacher for 13 years, Nicola started working for Baby Sensory in April 2020 - right in the middle of a pandemic!! She has 2 young boys, Max and Teddy, who keep her busy when she's not 'Saying Hello' to all the lovely babies and their families. After attending Baby Sensory as a parent, in both 2015 and 2018, she fell in love with Baby Sensory and the whole idea of babies learning and developing through sensory based play - and when the opportunity arose in 2020 to become a class leader, she jumped at the chance.

Claire Shaw

Claire has been running Baby Sensory classes in the Derby area for over 6 years. A mum of two girls, she has always found it fascinating to see the look of surprise/joy/amazement/excitement on a babies face when they have a new sensory experience, and there are many, many of those times in our Baby Sensory classes!! Claire is also the Regional Manager for Derbyshire, Yorkshire and South Staffordshire.