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If you are interesting in attending you can book a free trial on the website via the link below. You can select the Day, venue and class and then use the drop down menu to select the free trial. (Having a free trial does not automatically give you a place on the class as many classes go full with a wait list, you are welcome to book a term and we offer a full refund if you are not happy at the class)



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Classes are 60 minutes, each week is a different theme. We normally run in 6 weeks at £7.50 a session – so £45.00


We offer your first class Free, contact us to arrange.

NHS, Military, Police etc 10% discount



What makes us so different and so special?

The classes are developmental, part of what we do is explain why we are doing something and how it benefits your baby! Every week is different


If you are worried your baby is too young or too mobile for baby sensory then don't be, babies can start being stimulated at birth and they benefit nothing more than attention from Mummy, for those that are on the move baby sensory is perfect as we have activities to keep them entertained while being educational and encourage babies to be independent. We adjust all classes to your baby’s needs and requirements.


Is my Baby too young?

Baby’s brains develop more in the first year of their lives than at any time. Parents are often faced with the dilemma of wanting to attend classes, but are unsure if their baby will gain much benefit before the age of three months. However, young babies are especially adaptive to learning. This is because their brains have increased plasticity to events and experiences that facilitate development. Research shows that even if they sleep through part of the session, the benefits are still huge.


Babies on the move:

We have split age groups, we have a class for babies that are on the move. 7-13 months. We don’t hold our babies back, we let them crawl off and we have the space too! Props are put in the middle so they can go and get them, we like the babies to all meet in the middle or come and say hello to us J



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