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Welcome to Baby Sensory!

30/12/20 Update- as we are now under Tier 4 restrictions our Winter term will online via our @ Home Timetable until further notice.

Baby Sensory @ Home has proved super successful this year and I'm delighted we have this as a fabulous and safe alternative to venue classes.  

You can still expect a huge variety of activities, themes and experiences, all backed by Developmental information and research. 

We'll be using our creative skills to make props but please do not worry! My ideas are super simple, I often give you plenty of easy options and you can be as creative as you wish. Each week should only take 10-15 minutes maximum to prepare for. Everyone booked on our Winter term will have received an email with all the details of how our @ Home classes work. 

@ Home classes can be enjoyed in the safety of your own home and extra benefits include the lovely array of props you will create, all members of the family can join in, flexibility in class times and days ( see below for @ Home class timetable) plus you can stay in your jim jams if you wish! There’s a helpful introduction to our @ Home classes on our facebook page too.


Our @ Home class timetable will commence next week- 4/01/21. Please note- this is different to our venue timetable as we found this is what worked in previous lockdowns. I will be offering one live online class a day and you can join in any and as many times a week as you wish. @ Home classes are an hour long and give us a full 15 minute play break so we can still socialise and chat. We can also stay online after class to chat too!

@ Home classes will be

Mondays 10-11

Tuesdays 2-3

Wednesdays 9:45-10:45

Thursdays 1-2

Fridays 11:30-12:30


I hope you find that at least one of these class times suits you. If baby is napping during a class you can always join again on a different day.  


If you are feeling worried about the pandemic, restrictions or anything in general please make sure you reach out and talk to someone. I am always available to chat. 


Thanks to the amazing support of our families my little business survived 2020 and we now have the tools to make us stronger for the future. We'll get through it together. 


I'm looking forward to seeing you all on screen next week for our first classes of the Winter term- a Space Adventure!





BOOKINGS FOR THE WINTER TERM ARE OPEN! Last few spaces available to snap up now!



Important Booking Terms (COVID Specific)

In order to comply with Government guidelines for indoor activities only 1 adult is permitted to attend with baby.

We require that adults wear a face mask to enter/ exit and move around the session. Babies DO NOT require a face mask.

 If you or your baby are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or have recently been in close contact with someone who has, please DO NOT attend classes. Please follow government guidelines regarding isolation. You are welcome to access a @ Home class instead. Please email me to arrange this. 

In the circumstance of a local/national lockdown or if I need to isolate, your booked sessions will continue online for the duration of the lockdown/my isolation. If I am (or my children are) unwell classes will be postponed. Unfortunately we are unable to refund classes in these circumstances.

 By booking you give us permission to pass on your details to the NHS Track/Trace Service.




Welcome to our magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration, and extraordinary delights!


Founded in 2006 by Dr Lin Day, a leading expert in childhood development, everything we do is for a reason... from the length of time we run our session and how we structure classes to include a vital rest break, which mimics the play-rest-play cycle that happens within a baby's brain, to the 'wave goodbye' song which mimics the sound of the mothers blood in utero.

We also pride ourselves on variety and offer a huge range of activities and fact, if you join us for a whole year you will never experience the same session twice! We literally deliver hundreds of different activities per year and follow over 70 lesson plans. 

We are also recognised by the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecology as an integral part of post natal care. We believe new mothers are just as important through this precious year and we are proud to see friendship groups forming as a result of parents meeting in class.


Our classes each week are stand alone. You can join at any point in the term, providing there is space.







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