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Welcome to Baby Sensory!

Our Autumn term has just started and there’s still chance to join us!



BOOKINGS ARE OPEN for our Baby Pumpkin Sensory Specials and our Baby’s 1st (or 2nd) Christmas Parties! Eek!! Full details under the events Tab. 



Welcome to our magical world of sensory learning, wonder, exploration, and extraordinary delights!


Founded in 2006 by Dr Lin Day, a leading expert in childhood development, everything we do is for a reason... from the length of time we run our session and how we structure classes to include a vital rest break, which mimics the play-rest-play cycle that happens within a baby's brain, to the 'wave goodbye' song which mimics the sound of the mothers blood in utero.

We also pride ourselves on variety and offer a huge range of activities and fact, if you join us for a whole year you will never experience the same session twice! We literally deliver hundreds of different activities per year and follow over 70 lesson plans. 

We are also recognised by the royal college of obstetricians and gynaecology as an integral part of post natal care. We believe new mothers are just as important through this precious year and we are proud to see friendship groups forming as a result of parents meeting in class.


Our classes each week are stand alone. You can join at any point in the term, providing there is space.







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