Baby Sensory Canterbury


Sita Turner

Sita Turner started her Baby Sensory journey in February 2015 when she started bringing her 4 month old son Travis to the Ashford Baby Sensory classes. They loved the classes so much that she didn't want to leave! Sita was a secondary school English teacher for 3 years and has a degree in English literature but decided not to return to work after having Travis. Instead, in September 2015, she purchased Baby Sensory Ashford and Canterbury and has been running classes ever since. She recently took on the Reading Fairy franchise in Canterbury as well for toddlers. "I absolutely love what I do. I get such a buzz from running classes. It's something I get an awful lot of job satisfaction out of and a job I take a lot of pride in. I hope to be lifting parachutes and blowing bubbles for the rest of my working life!"

Hilary Rabey

Hilary joined the team in March 2017 as Sita's class leader for Canterbury. Hilary has previously lived in Singapore where she worked in Children's Centres and postnatal services. Hilary has also been a peer breastfeeding supporter in Canterbury and runs classes alongside bringing up her 2 children Grace and Jude. Hilary is a member of the Whitstable choir and certainly brings a real performance element to her classes!