Baby Sensory Canterbury


Hannah Gaunt

Hannah started her Baby Sensory journey in 2017when she brought her 4 month old son Carter to classes. When she was due to go back to work in August 2017 a position for class leader became available and after a very nerve wracking audition, Hannah found herself part of the Baby Sensory family. After class leading for 18 months, Baby Sensory Canterbury went up for sale and Hannah snapped it up! ''As a parent, finding Baby Sensory helped me so much through that tough first year with my son. I made a group of Mum friends who are now a huge part of my life, I learned so much about my baby's brain development and my Baby Sensory classes became the highlight of my week. Every class was different and tons of fun and most importantly it got me out and about and socialising with other parents. I feel so proud of what we do at Baby Sensory and I enjoy it so much that it barely feels like a job!'' Hannah Gaunt