Baby Sensory Canary Wharf


Baby Sensory Canary Wharf, Wapping and Bow

If you can’t come to us – then we will come to you! 

To keep you safe & supported through this difficult time we are now offering our classes ONLINE!


Baby Sensory is a learning & development programme for babies from birth to 13 months & we have now launched our fabulous @ Home classes! You can log in to the classes live in your very own living room via a virtual classroom! You’ll even still get the chance to chat with other parents in the group too!

Our classes have never been so accessible. Not only do we come to you in your home, the classes have also been adapted so you can use toys & household items that you have around your house. You can even watch our ‘How to’ video’s and make your own props!

Scroll down to our timetable below and click ‘BOOK NOW’ next to your chosen day & time & we look forward to welcoming you to our classes soon.

Also included in your booking is access to our LIVE Baby Bites sessions on Mondays and Fridays at 3pm

As well as an invitation to a pre-recorded session every Wednesday. 

Please note: All classes will be run using Zoom, we take your privacy & security very seriously & all links to sessions will be sent to you individually & never posted in public.

Use the code SAVE5 and get 5% off your booking!

 You can join our classes at anytime during a term and will be charged only for the remaining sessions. 


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