Baby Sensory Bromley

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Baby Sensory introduces you and your baby to a world of rich and varied sensory experiences in a creative and enjoyable environment to encourage learning and development.

The various baby activities aim to build up a vocabulary of sensory experiences (e.g. visual, auditory and tactile), to enhance physical contact (massage, reflexology, touching, cuddling and rocking) between you and your baby and to promote the development of speech through the use of sign language, music, song and puppets.

Each week there will be a wonderful selection of activities including, bells, shakers, drums, beaters, scarves, puppet shows, fibre optics, flashing lights, bubbles, dancing, feathers, parachutes and lots of special activities unique to Baby Sensory!!

We have over 50 different lessons so you can experience a different theme every week for a year!

All activities are excellent for developing physical, social and emotional, and language skills, co-ordination, awareness of the world, a love of music and the concentration which is needed for further development.



Where classes have met capacity they will be shown as having a wait list.  You can add yourself to the wait list by clicking on the "wait list" button next to the class.  If a space does become available, we will contact you.  Please be aware that wait lists do not carry over into a new term so please do keep an eye out for new term dates being released or email us on