Baby Sensory Bristol North

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Where do you run sessions?


Sessions run in the following locations:

Tuesdays - St Bart's Church Hall, St Andrews (free, on-street parking around the hall and St Andrews Park)

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Wednesdays - Christ the King, Bradley Stoke (free car park at the church hall and free, on-street parking around the venue)

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Thursdays - St Alban's Church Hall, Westbury Park ( free, on-street parking around venue - please note the church car park will be closed until further notice)

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What happens in a Baby Sensory session?


Babies have an extraordinary capacity to absorb information during their first year and at Baby Sensory we don't waste a single moment! The classes provide a stimulating and fun environment for you and your baby to enjoy multi-sensory activities which will help your baby’s development. The activities have been researched and developed to be appropriate for newborns through to 13 months and cover everything from signing and massage to light and puppet shows. With over 40 different themes, each session will be different taking you on adventures through jungle, under the sea or on the farm. We also explore lots of ideas for play at home. 


Covering all areas of your baby’s development activities might include big props and WOW moments, or we might take things back to basics and explore traditional nursery rhymes and bonding activities.


Classes are currently 45 minutes long. 


Due to COVID-19 restrictions there will not be play area until further notice.


Do I need to bring anything to the sessions?


Please also bring the following items:

·        Socks for you to wear in class. Babies are not required to wear socks.

·        Hand-sanitiser

·        Change bag with spare nappies, nappy bags, clothing and wipes

·        A blanket for your baby to lie on

·        A toy for your baby to play with

What do we need for the activities?

Individual prop boxes containing items for the session for each Parent and baby will be provided at each mat. Parents can bring their own props to class. All props and boxes will be thoroughly cleaned between classes.


What if I can’t make a session?


As per our terms and conditions, credits and refunds cannot be given for missed sessions. If you know you are unable to attend a session you can send a friend in your place. Your friend’s contact details must be sent by email prior to the class for Track and Trace purposes.


What happens if I or my baby is ill?


Anyone (Parent/baby/Class Leader) who is unwell or has a temperature must stay at home. Please notify your Class Leader immediately. Please see Clause 3.4 in the Terms and Conditions for further information.


The key symptoms of COVID-19 ( include:


·        A high temperature 

·        A new continuous cough

·        A loss or change to the sense of smell or taste


If a Parent who has attended physical classes tests positive for COVID-19, the class register will be required as part of the Government’s test and trace system. To protect your privacy (GDPR), I will ask the Parent (or main caregiver) to give permission to pass on personal information to the NHS test and trace central database.




Even if your Class Leader is not suffering from COVID-19, classes will not be run if he or she is unwell. Make-up options or rescheduled classes will be considered if a replacement Class Leader cannot be found.


Individuals who have completed a 14-day quarantine period (either after returning from travel or because they were in close contact with a confirmed case), and did not develop symptoms during quarantine, do not need medical clearance to return to classes.  I will not ask these individuals to be tested for COVID-19, but if unsure I will contact Public Health England for advice.


Regrettably we cannot offer a refund for a lesson missed due to illness.


How will we social distance in class?


While social distancing measures are in force, I will do everything possible to comply with UK Government/NHS/CAA guidelines. Appropriate space is given between mats and I will remind Parents of the social distancing guidelines at the beginning of the class and whenever you or your baby need to move about or change position. 


Do the Class Leader or the Parents need to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)?


Currently, the Government advises against teachers wearing face coverings in class.  However, in circumstances where the nature of the task requires me to be in close contact with others, personal protective equipment, such as a face covering may be worn. Parents are required to wear a face covering or other PPE on arrival at class. It is not recommended that children under 3 and people with breathing difficulties wear face coverings. As such please be aware that some people are exempt from wearing PPE.


What are Baby Sensory’s Health & Safety and Hygiene Policies?                                                                              


Baby Sensory follows rigorous internal checks of the venue and its own equipment to ensure that they are clean and safe. Daily Risk Assessments are conducted.


Baby Sensory asks all Parents and carers to remove their shoes while in class. Shoes need to be worn to visit the bathroom within class times and care exercised to avoid slips.


Will there be hand sanitiser available?


An alcohol-based hand sanitiser that contains 60 - 95% alcohol will be provided at the entrance to classes for Parents to use. There is no requirement to sanitise the hands of babies. Parents will be reminded of this requirement when entering the classroom. Parents are asked to bring in their own hand sanitiser for use during the class.

Are there toilet/nappy changing/washing facilities?


Toilets will be available for use but please use your toilet at home before attending class to limit the use of the hall facilities.


Whilst nappy changing restrictions apply Parents will be asked to change their baby on their mat. Parents will need to bring their own nappy changing mat, wipes and hand sanitiser to class. Parents will be asked to take away soiled nappies for disposal at home. 


Can I bring someone with me to the class?


As much as we love having visitors in the class, due to limitations on numbers, we are operating a 1 Parent & 1 child policy. We hope that we will be able to lift this soon and we will update where we can. 


Can I bring my older child?


Due to health and safety and our insurance, siblings are unable to attend Baby Sensory sessions.


What if my baby sleeps?


Please don't worry if your baby falls asleep in class. Research shows babies retain 60% of stimuli whilst sleeping so they will still be benefitting from stimulation which will lead to new synaptic connections being formed in the brain. There will be plenty of ideas on how to play with and stimulate your baby to take home with you. As your baby matures their ability to stay awake increases until they can manage a whole class. The classes also provide a relaxed atmosphere to meet new Parents to share the ups and downs of Parenthood.



Baby Sensory are very proud to hold Gold Accreditation with the Children's Activities Association:

The above information will be reviewed and updated as more information becomes available from the Government/NHS/CAA.