Baby Sensory Bristol East


Winter Term  - Now Full

Baby Sensory Bristol East classes will return to our usual venues from January 4th 2022 for 7 weeks at Kingswood Community Centre*, Lyde Green Community Centre and Emerson's Green Village Hall.  *Kingswood is a 6 week term, as the 3rd of Jan is a Bank Holiday.

Baby Sensory Bristol East classes are held at Kingswood Community Centre on a Monday with Helen at 10.15, 11.45, 13.15.  Lyde Green Community Centre class times with Abi are 10.00, 11.15 & 12.45  & Emerson's Green Village Hall on a Wednesday are 10.15, 11.30 & 13.00.  Thursday's at Emerson's Green run with Helen at 10.15, 11.45 & 13.15.  Please note the middle class of each day is a 0-6m class, all our other classes ore 0-13m.  Our 7 Week term costs £59.50 and 6 Weeks at Kingswood is just 51.00.

Spring Term starts February 28th 2022! Bookings open soon!

 Bookings dates areas follows: Current customers can book through priority booking on the 28th of January, anyone signing up to our 'register your interest' wait list below can book through priority booking from the 30th of January and finally any remaining places will appear on the website on general release on the 1st of February.

Our Spring Term starts on February 28th to April 7th for 6 weeks at Kingswood Community Centre, Lyde Green Community Centre and Emerson's Green Village Hall at a cost of £51.00.  All our class times remain the same as above.

*Please read our booking information when booking before signing up to our classes as if we are put on a COVID-19 related lockdown during term you will all be moved to online classes full details are in our booking information section.

Register your Interest for Spring Term - now!

Are you pregnant or have you recently become a new parent?  Sign up to our register your interest 'wait list' this is a email distribution list so you can register your details with us so we know you are interested in knowing when our bookings open for our next term.  If you sign up to the venue you'd most like to attend we will email you a week before we open bookings to remind you to book.  You'll also get a reminder email on the day bookings open so you can be first in the queue.  Even better you'll have priority booking ahead of the general release on the website!!  You can book at any venue on any day once you've signed up, so no need to sign up more than once. If you are a current customer you do not need to sign up to a wait list you are already a current customer so you will get priority bookings ahead of wait list customers and the general website release.



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