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Helen Whiting

My name is Helen Whiting & I am very happy to welcome you to Baby Sensory. I have a background working with babies & young children aged birth to 8yrs. I started my career working at a Preparatory School as a Nursery Teacher, I then went onto working as a Deputy Manager of a Day Care Nursery. Both roles were very enjoyable as I have always loved watching babies & young children grow and develop their own little characters! I then had a career change & for 9yrs I worked in Aviation as an Airline Duty Manager, Very challenging at times! Although it was a great job with many perks, unfortunately the long hours & unpredictable nature of the industry meant that after giving birth to my son Oliver, in December 2010 I found myself looking for a new occupation that would help me achieve a better balance of working whilst having as much time as possible at home with my new family. I always knew one day I would return to Child Development! I came across Baby Sensory when I started taking my son to classes. He was captivated by the amazing themes, songs, signing, light shows, puppet shows and many props used with other sensory experiences whilst, I was impressed by the variety of unique activities. I’m now thrilled to bring the delights of Baby Sensory to the wonderful babies of North Essex! Since then I have also had another baby, Harper who like her Big Brother loved Baby Sensory and we are now continuing our sensory journey with Toddler Sense now she is over 13mths!