Baby Sensory Braintree

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Helen Whiting

Hi, and welcome to Baby Sensory Braintree. My name is Helen and I am always delighted to meet new parents with your newest bundles-of-love. I very much looking forward to meeting you and your baby at our classes held close by to Chelmsford in Flitch Green soon. You and your baby will be amazed by the 40 plus weekly themes that Baby Sensory provides. Whether it’s discovering new animals in the Rainforest in 'Jungle Jitters'; making a splash in 'Baby Pirates' or simply enjoying some peace and calm with your baby in our 'Sleep Tight' week. There is always something new to learn and experience for parents and babies alike at Baby Sensory. All of our sessions are heavily researched to make sure you both enjoy a fun interactive informative welcoming clean and friendly session each week enhancing babies precious early learning through play. Any queries please do just get in touch. Our classes are designed from birth so bring your babies along and let's stimulate their early learning the Baby Sensory way! Whether they are sleepy in their first weeks of being in the world or becoming more alert or starting to discover now on the move, classes suit all babies and are age appropriate. See the timetable for more information. Helen x