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Welcome to Nicola Senior's classes..

Summer Term

The mini summer term will begin wc 24 June and will run until wc 5 August.

We've got some great themes to look forward to including Jungle Jitters, Superheroes and Summer Carnival to name a few!

 Classes run on the following days of the week:

Mondays in Menston 

Tuesdays in Burley-in-Wharfedale 

Wednesday mornings in Shipley 

Wednesday in afternoons in Gilstead 

Thursdays in Horsforth 

Taster Sessions

If you'd like to attend a one off taster session, details of these can be found below.  I'm only able to run these where venue time allows and, as such, specific taster sessions don't take place at all venues.  However, you can of course attend a taster session at one venue with a view to attending weekly classes at a different venue.

Monday 3 June in Menston

Tuesday 4 June in Burley in Wharfedale

Wednesday 5 June in Gilstead

Thursday 6 June in Horsforth

Book your taster session below.

I look forward to taking you on some wonderful adventures :)

Thank you


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