Baby Sensory Birmingham South

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Why should you attend our award-winning classes? The classes stimulate and engage all five of your baby's senses which promote their cognitive, physical, social and emotional development that can aid early brain development. Engage, delight, and nurture your baby's senses through play.

The sessions are different every week and great fun! The atmosphere is supportive and welcoming led by experienced practitioners (DBS checked) who are friendly engaging and will always listen.

The weekly hour long session begins with our unique “Say Hello to the Sun” song and baby sign language followed by a variety of sensory activities and developmental games. Massage, bonding activities, or exercise may follow, depending on the age of the babies in the group. The middle part of the session is a great time to try out different equipment in our fantastic exploratory play area. A chance to chat to other parents and make new friends, as well as gaining ideas for activities at home. The session usually ends with a musical activity, a therapeutic or visual experience and the 'Goodbye' signing song. Establishing a wonderful routine for your precious little one as they gain confidence each week.

Is my Baby too young to start classes? The classes are designed from birth and my youngest baby was just 5 days old when he started and he lasted the whole session.  Mom said he had a fantastic sleep afterwards. Win, Win!  You can start your Baby Sensory journey when you feel ready. Most parents start around 6 weeks.

 What if my baby goes to sleep? Please don't worry if your precious little one is sleepy - this is totally natural.  We follow your baby's natural play-rest-play cycle to ensure they are not overstimulated.  If they are relaxed enough to fall asleep they will still process up to 70% of what's going on around them.  A great excuse to continue to kiss, cuddle, tickle, sing to them and build a beautiful bond.

How do the classes develop my baby's brain? In the first year your baby's brain is developing at a phenomenal rate and building trillions of new connections.  Exploring new sensations and having new experiences supports brain development. This is why it is so important to introduce a rich variety of sensory experiences, which is exactly what we do.