Baby Sensory Basingstoke

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Kirsty Gillatt

Hi I’m Kirsty and I joined the WOW world Group in 2021. I first started my Baby Sensory journey in 2014 when I attended with my daughter. I immediately fell in love with the classes and their energy so much so I never wanted to leave. So when a class leader job became available I knew it was something I wanted to do. I am also a primary school teacher and mother of 2 children, who both loved their WOW World classes. I look forward to meeting so many families and sharing the joy which is Baby Sensory with them. I run classes on a Tuesday in our WOW centre.

Michelle Grzbiela

I have been running Baby Sensory Basingstoke for over 12 years. I can whole heartledly say that would not want to be doing anythings else. After years of teaching dancing I wanted to be able to find a job that fitted in with having two young children. As soon as I heard 'Say hello' I knew this was for me. The babies amazing me with their responses from so early on !!! As a class I love we can offer so many unique and original experiences in one. From Signing, to massage to amazing light shows and more.... Of course I love the signing too !!! Social time is so important and over the years life long friendships have been formed. The exploratory play is also so much fun to set up. I enjoy trying to match area this this to our ever-changing themes in class. I currently run classes on Tuesday and Thursday from our very on WOW centre I really hope you enjoy attending our classes as much as I do running them.

Claire Fernandez

Hi I'm Claire and I have been working with the WOW World Group since 2010. I began by running our follow-on program Toddler Sense and then on to leading Baby Sensory classes about 3 years ago. I am also the KeepaBeat Manager and a trainer, along with me 3 wonderful children, patient husband and the dog, I do like to keep myself busy! I love my "job" (it's really hard to call it a job, it's so much more!) and enjoy meeting many families and sharing so many special moments with them all, from first smiles, giggles, signs, steps to that all important potty training and beyond! I run classes on Monday , Wednesday and Friday in Beech. I look forward to meeting you soon!