Baby Sensory Aberdeen South




1.Question: Where are the classes run

Answer: Classes are run weekly

- Monday - Newtonhill

- Tuesday - The Den and The Glen

- Thursday - Hanover Community Centre

All class times are in the Timetable/Book Now

2.Question: What do I need to bring?

Answer: Nothing but yourself and baby. Parents need to wear socks during class time. Please pop a pair of socks into your bag to wear during class. This just keeps the mats and areas clean and hygienic for the babies.

3.Question: What do I do when I arrive?

Answer: Please wait outside of the classroom until I let you in. This allows everyone from the previous class to leave and also gives me a chance to reset and clean the class before you enter. Once you come into class please take your shoes off and then find a seat on the mats.

4.Question: Can I bring my partner along

Answer: Yes of course. You are also welcome to bring along any grandparents/friends. However if I can just ask that you not bring to many adults as in some classes there just is not enough room.

5.Question: Are siblings allowed to come along?

Answer: I would love to have siblings come along to class but unfortunately they are unable to come to the weekly classes. The main reasons are that I need to ensure the safety of the smaller babies and also my insurance does not cover children over the age of 13 months on a regular basis. The biggest reason, however, is that it gives you the opportunity to have one-on one time with no distractions, which is so important for bonding with your baby. The good news is that my weekend specials siblings are 100% welcome to come along so please keep a look out for them.

6.Question: What if my baby Sleeps in class?

Answer: Please do not worry if your your baby sleeps during class, did you know that they learn 60% passively while sleeping. Meaning your baby is absorbing everything that is going on around him/her this helps aid in the development of those gorgeous brains by creating thousand connections. It is amazing. So dont worry use that time to learn new ideas for play at home, the signs that we do or just to have a breather (no judgment). This also goes for babies crying in class. Please do not worry if they do its normal and its okay.

7.Question: What do I do if I need to feed my baby?

Answer: During class you are welcome to feed your babies whenever you want/need to. We welcome all kinds of feeding. Please note however that there are no kettles so if you need hot water for babies bottle please bring your own along to class.

If you have any more questions please don't hesitate to get in contact via email or mobile.


Tel: 07999452858