Baby Sensory Hereford


Our award winning classes are all in one classes with different activities every week. Babies learn from the day that they are born especially within the first year of their lives. The Baby Sensory program was developed through years of scientific research with each activity having a specific purpose.


Each week our classes have a different theme and within this theme we have various activities to make it fun to learn. We use the ABC of baby signing throughout the class to help babies learn to sign and communicate with us and people around them.


The types of activities we have include music, colour exploring, textures, books, baby massage, messy play, dress up, ball pits, different types of smells and many more. Our classes are truly all in one classes. We also have events on during the term such as pumpkin baby, Christmas party, valentines party to mention only a few which makes it even more fun.


Our classes are based on a baby routine of play-rest-play. All our classes start with our ‘Say hello to the sun’ song which is then followed by our first sets of activities for 20 minutes. We then have a short break of around 15 - 20 minutes where the babies can play in our fun packed exploratory area and adults can catch up or make new friends. After the break we return for our last activities and then wave goodbye until next weeks class.


The classes are very relaxed and the babies are in charge. If they need feeding or a nappy change you can at any point during the activities tend to this and join us again when you are ready.


Our classes are for both baby and parent/grandparent/carer.


The classes are easily accessible and we have made sure that there is ample space in the hall for everyone to be comfortable. There are parking spaces available at the halls as well.


Classes are going to be run at the following locations:


Tuesday - Dilwyn Cedar Hall, Dilwyn (HR4)

Wednesday - Bartestree Village Hall, Hereford (HR1)

Thursday - Our Lady's Hall, Hereford (HR2)

Friday - Bridstow Village Hall, Ross-on-Wye (HR9)



Please see the ‘Home’ tab to book your space for these exciting classes.


If classes are fully booked there will be a waiting list. As soon as a space becomes available we will notify you immediately to ensure that you can have your chance to join us. Please note that these classes are popular and spaces can go very quickly.


If you have any questions please contact me directly at


We look forward to meeting you and your baby at our classes.