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Exciting News!!!!  Classes at Baby Sensory Stafford return on Tuesday 8th September.  Booking is opening very soon.

please read all the following information on how I have adapted my classes to make it safe for you to return to my venue – sorry, there is a lot I need to let you know.  But rest assured, I will still make my classes fun and engaging for you and your baby with lots of different themes and activities.

If you are happy with the arrangements SCROLL DOWN to find the Class Timetable for September Classes 


Symptoms.  Obviously, please do not attend class if you or your baby have any COVID symptoms, you’ve been in contact with someone with COVID or have tested positive for COVID.

Arrival.  Please aim to arrive just before your class starts.  If you are early kindly wait outside (be aware that it is a busy car park and vehicles do drive past my door) or in your car.  I will invite you into the building and supervise your entry to make sure we maintain social distancing.  Please do not enter unless I invite you to.

Attending with Friends.  If you are attending class with a friend and you wish to sit together please meet up outside and wait for me to invite you in. 

Hand sanitising.  There is a wall mounted hand sanitising unit at the entrance; would you please sanitise your hands on entry. There are additional hand sanitising stations around the room and in the toilets. 

Temperature check.  On arrival I will take a quick non-contact temperature check.

PPE.  Following current guidelines, the wearing of a face covering isn't mandatory as you will not be in contact with anyone closer than 2m.  The use of face coverings in class will be optional at this stage, although this may be subject to change over time and we will always follow guidelines.  I will be wearing a face mask as I first greet and welcome you to class and when introducing an activity.  It is advisable to carry a face covering with you.

Class layout.  I have significantly reduced class numbers down to 11 and all individual mats are laid out a minimum of 2 metres apart; please do not move them.  I will not be using blankets during class so please bring your own fleece/blanket for your baby to lie on in class, if you wish.  There is space by your mat for your baby's car seat / changing bag etc.  Please remove your shoes in the entrance before moving to your mat.  You should leave your shoes in the entrance area. 

Exploratory play area.  For the time being there will be no exploratory play area, firstly to minimise the risk of infection but also to give me the space to allow for social distancing.
Class routine.  During classes we will not be singing to any rhymes, in accordance with guidance.  I will still play the music and have actions and signing and we can mime along too. We will still be able to enjoy lights, music, instruments, bubbles and many visual sensory activities etc. 

Play break.  Classes will follow baby's natural play-rest-play cycle and will be 45 minutes in length.  Although there will no exploratory play area/soft furnishings etc, we will have a short break in the middle of class and a range of easier to clean and sanitised toys will be available.  The break will still give you the opportunity to socialise from where you are sat with other parents, feeding or changing baby. You may wish to bring a small selection of baby's own toys or a favourite toy for this short break.

Nappy changing.  Unfortunately, my nappy changing facilities are not available while restrictions are in place.  Therefore, would you please bring your own nappy change items and mat and take soiled nappies home with you.  

Track and trace.  I will need you to give permission for me to pass on your information to the NHS test and trace central database in the event of need. By booking you give permission for me to pass on your name, telephone number and email address to the NHS Test/ Track/ Trace Service. 

Missed classes.  I will not be able to refund for missed classes, however, I will be proving a recorded class each week for all attendees to stream as often as they like that week.  Unfortunately, I am unable to let you offer any missed classes to your friends to attend in your place.  This is due to me needing to strictly control attendance.   

Extra attendees.  Whilst classes numbers are significantly restricted, unfortunately, only one adult is able to attend with baby or twins. I have always just charged for one baby for twins, which I will continue to do so if only one adult attends. However, during the restrictions, if 2 adults were to attend with twins they would need to be booked on separately and pay for 2 babies as they would be taking 2 places.  

Siblings.  Apologies due to company policy and insurance I am not able to accommodate siblings. 

Departure.  At the end of the class, please wait on your mat and I will supervise the departure.  This is to ensure we maintain social distancing in the entrance area. 

Cleaning.  I have adjusted my usual class timings to allow one hour for a full clean in between classes.  This includes cleaning all toys, equipment and class props; the complete floor and mats, all surfaces and toilets.  

Future lockdown. If at any point in the future we were forced into either a local or national lockdown I will immediately revert classes to an online class to see your term through and no refunds will be offered.

Zoom Class & Recording.  I will continue to offer an on-line Zoom class only, booking option for those who do not wish to attend actual classes.  This will be half the regular price - £25.25 for the half term and is likely to be a single class on Monday morning at 9.30pm. 

Those that are attending my venue classes are also welcome join the online class as well, if they wish, at no extra cost.  This is great for those who want to continue to share the moments with grandparents. 

I will also continue to provide a weekly recorded Zoom class for all attendees (Zoom & Venue) to stream as must as you like; again at no extra cost .

If you have any questions please feel free to call me.


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