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Do you want to make the most of your baby’s first year and create memories you’ll cherish?

Then you’re in the right place! Every week you’ll head off on an exciting new adventure, sailing the high seas, trekking into the jungle, maybe a trip to France, or spend an hour immersed in some rock and roll music, there really is a new session every week for a whole year!

Want to celebrate the special occasions in style? No problem, Baby’s 1st Christmas, Baby Valentine and Baby Pumpkin to name a few are certainly not to be missed!

What makes Baby Sensory different from the rest?

You’ll benefit from over 35 years of research which backs everything we do, from the activities you’ll enjoy, the props and toys you and your baby will play with, even down to the floor coverings and mats we use. You can let your baby move and explore knowing that everything is clean and safe.

Every activity is designed to stimulate your baby’s senses and give you lots of information about how your baby grows and develops through that all important first year. Ever have those days where the hours seem to last forever and you just can’t think of anything to fill the time? Well you won’t need to worry about that anymore, you’ll leave every session buzzing with ideas of how to play with your baby at home and will know just how beneficial that play time will be.

Every session includes time in the beautiful exploratory play area which allows time for you to meet and chat to other local parents. We know how important adult company is, many of our parents make friendships that last well beyond their time at Baby Sensory. You and your baby will also get to play with lots of different toys and sensory equipment too, even the play area is also different each week, so you’ll get to know what your baby really enjoys, perfect for ideas of what to buy for baby to have at home.

What do our customers say?

Aimee says: I have been to many different classes but Baby Sensory is by far my favourite. It has a great mix of fun and learning activities and a great way to meet other mums.

Tara says: We started baby sensory when my son was 13 weeks old and have just finished now he is 13 months. We would love to stay for ever if we could! Everything about the class is so engaging, Ben’s face lights up at the say hello to the sun song and he doesn’t stop smiling until waving goodbye at the end. The themes are so well thought through and each week is completely different.

Debbie says: Definitely one of the best classes for babies…My little girl loves the class, between all the textures, the colours and bubbles, we spend the class laughing with her eyes full of wonder and amazement.

Sara says: My little boy and I have loved attending Baby Sensory classes over the past 5 months. The range of activities has been great for his development and has given me so many ideas to recreate at home too. The way the class is structured is really nice allowing for free play and a chat with other mums during the middle section of the class.

Leah says: Absolutely love the baby sensory classes. My daughter and I learn so much from these. They are great fun and I would recommend to anyone with a little one.

Laura says: Absolutely LOVE baby sensory! Soooooo good, sooooo enjoyable and simply perfect for babies! Was sceptical when my daughter first started at 8 weeks old thinking she’d be too young but she took it all in and lasted often falling asleep in the goodbye song at the end!!! Now she’s 8 and a half months old and she simply loves it! She’s gone from being one of the smallest to one of the biggest and it’s the one class I know she gets so much out of. So interactive, great pace, different, diverse and key for all developmental stages… such a lovely bonding class to do and watch them grow over the months! It’s been the highlight of each week and we’ll both miss it dreadfully!

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**Classes run in our bespoke centre in Lisburn and Banbridge! 

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If your baby it too old for classes, check out our follow on programme: Toddler Sense



Hello Baby Massage, Reflexology and Yoga Courses are 5 weeks long and are suitable for babies 0-12 weeks (at the time of booking). These classes are recommended as a gentle introduction to Baby Sensory Classes but can also be done in addition to Baby Sensory.

Our next Hello Baby courses are available to book now. 


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