Baby Sensory Central & South Leeds


Welcome to Baby Sensory Central & South Leeds!

Are you ready to join the most incredible baby classes in Leeds? No drafty church halls here - we are based at a purposed designed studio specifically for baby classes as we prioritise in baby bonding and brain development. With fully matted flooring and a spectacular sensory play area, you'll never attend the same class twice in Baby Sensory's brilliantly planned sessions, all with baby's development in mind.


The Wow Centre

We opened our doors just by the Armley Gyratory in October 2022 to welcome babies and their caregivers into a magical world of exploration, music, baby massage, sights, scents and textures. The Centre provides a home for baby's birthday parties and our award winning sensory program for babies. With over 50 lesson plans, no two sessions will be the same! We have an additional dark room to explore during our 15 minute break half way through the one hour session.


Classes offered

Baby Sensory and our Hello Baby Massage, yoga and reflexology sessions are £8.50 per class, for an hour long session, bookable as terms - but you can join at any point!

One off baby sensory classes are offered at John Lewis Leeds, in Leeds City Centre once a month, along with Dad's Only sessions and Seasonal Specials including weekend offerings. 

Our Hello Baby Massage course is suitable from birth-3 months (allowances made if your baby is older, please enquire) and covers baby massage, baby yoga, baby reflexology and has a real focus on baby bonding and soothing strategies. Ideal for those sleepy stages, we dip our toe into sensory play for babies where they then graduate to baby sensory classes. 

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See you on your star mat soon!



Q: Will it be the same sessions as last term?

A: Definitely not! There are over 50 different plans so you could come for the full 13 months and experience a different session every single week!


Q: Can I join in the middle of a term?

A: Absolutely. The website will automatically calculate the remaining weeks of term and charge accordingly. 


Q: I’d like to join a specific class time but does it matter if my baby is out of the age range?

A: Send me a text, email or call me and we can discuss! There is always flexibility.


Q: I just don't know which class to join that will work with nap times!

A: Send me a message. We can try you out in one class, and if it doesn't suit - it's so easy to transfer across into another class at the click of a button. 


Q: What if I’m unable to attend one week?

A: Always let me know. Whilst I cannot guarantee it, I often have a space or two available in other sessions during the week so if you’re able, you are welcome to make up the missed session by attending another running that week. 


Q: Maternity pay sucks! I want to attend but can't afford the entire term in one payment...

A: Please just send me a message. I am more than happy to split payments monthly if it helps you join in the magical world of Baby Sensory classes and I get to watch you watch your baby thrive in their development.




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