Baby Sensory Preston

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Ellie Bateson

Ellie is the Franchisee for both Baby Sensory Preston and also Toddler Sense Preston. She currently runs weekly Toddler Sense classes, in addition to termly weekend Baby Sensory Specials and birthday parties! Ellie has 3 children under 9 years old and discovered her love of Baby Sensory by attending with her 2nd daughter in 2012. Following a 10 year career in recruitment and HR, Ellie decided to bring the amazing world of Baby Sensory to her home town in 2016 and hasn't looked back! Her favourite activities are..."Anything relating to a themed Saturday Special! I love the opportunity to focus on a theme, whether it be YeeHa Wild West, Baby Pumpkin, or my ultimate favourite...Baby's First Christmas! The babies are often dressed for the theme and we welcome lots of Dads too so the Saturday classes are always so much fun!"