Baby Sensory Portsmouth


Hello and Welcome to Baby Sensory Portsmouth!

Baby Sensory was the first (and original) baby programme to offer a complete approach to learning and sensory development and behind every Baby Sensory session, there's an incredibly detailed lesson plan backing up everything your baby touches, sees, hears, smells and feels!

Every week is different and introduces new sensory development activities supported by useful information to help you interact with your baby and discover what he or she can do. We've done the research so that you and your baby can spend time focusing on each other and having huge amounts of fun!

From January 2020 we will also be bringing our beautiful Hello Baby massage programme to Portsmouth. See 'About the Classes' for more information. 

 Benefits for mums and dads

  • Spend quality time with your baby 
  • Find out how amazing your baby is
  • Experience the joy of seeing your baby achieve a new skill
  • Learn something new every week
  • Make friends with other parents and gain support
  • Feel more confident and happy as a parent

Get in touch
If you'd like to learn more about the classes or discuss which class would be best for your baby, please do get in touch

t: 07794258543
f: @babysensoryportsmouth 




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