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Our Baby Sensory classes run weekly in Furzton, Tattenhoe, Wolverton, North Crawley, Brooklands (near CMK) and Great Linford- each Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.


Sophie (owner) has recently won a national award for her work with MK babies - Most Outstanding Class Leader in South of UK! (Whats on 4 Little Ones National Annual Award - Under 5 years category)

Babies have an extraordinary capacity to absorb information during their precious first year and at Baby Sensory we don't waste a single moment!

Our multi-sensory activities will stimulate your baby in every way, crucial for your baby's development in these precious early stages. Even the activities that seem very simple have all been scientifically tested and proven to aid development - I will explain before each activity the reason why we are doing it and which part of learning it aids and progresses 

Our classes are designed for babies from birth to 13 months. Activities include music, movement, baby signing, massage, baby music, light shows, themed sessions, water play, messy play, puppet shows, bubbles and literally hundreds of props! Often the simplest of activities provide a surprising amount of stimulation and learning - but every activity we do is backed by scientific research and is proven to aid your babies learning and development enormously


Classes are run by Sophie (Furzton - Thursdays) and Hayley (North Crawley - Tuesdays, Brooklands - Wednesdays and  Great Linford - Fridays). Our new class leader Lian will be running classes in Wolverton (Tuesday's), Tattenhoe (Wednesday's) and Brooklands (Thursday's).

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Waitlist Information
If the class you are interested in has a waitlist, please do join! Places will become available - I welcome a new baby in each class most weeks. The average wait time at the moment is approx. 12-15 weeks for the 0-7 month classes, the 0-13 month classes may be longer due to babies staying in the same class for a longer period of time.

If you are pregnant and wish to join the waitlist - please do! Just indicate your required start date, pop your due date instead of babies dob and if you haven't decided on a name yet - just pop down 'unknown'


Our Wolverton classes are shown as Baby Sensory Lite - Baby Sensory Lite is a 45 minute class encompassing all of the fabulous weekly activities that our other hour long classes offer - the only difference (aside from time) is that instead of a 15 minute exploration play break, we break for five minutes on our mats with some calming music and a few toys, to ensure we always follow a learn-rest-learn cycle that we always follow to optimise our little ones concentration.

We look forward to welcoming you in class soon!


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