Baby Sensory Mid Ulster and West Tyrone


Franchise for sale!

This Business is for Sale!


What qualities do I need to become a Baby Sensory class practitioner (and franchisee)?

A successful Baby Sensory franchisee will need a range of qualities including:

⭐ Excellent Interpersonal Skills
You will be promoting and running classes for parents and their children so you will need to be a friendly and natural communicator.

⭐ Self Confidence and Enthusiasm
You will be running sessions with up to 20 parents and their children. You will lead varied sessions including many types of activities, and your confidence and personality will shine through.

⭐ Self-motivation and Drive
You will be running your own business and the rewards you reap will be directly related to your own efforts.

⭐ Caring and Thoughtful
WOW World Group is committed to delighting its customers. You must share our dedication to providing excellence in service and ensure that all our parents and children are captivated by the experience.

⭐ Be my own boss, but be a member of a team
We are all about a network of enthusiastic entrepreneurs wanting to create a wonderful business. Each person is doing it for themselves, but each is also a member of a bigger team, not in an office, but connected through forums and training.

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