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Welcome to Baby Sensory Ludlow and surrounding areas


We currently offer weekly classes  in Ludlow, Telford, Much Wenlock and Bridgnorth - Telford for babies from Birth - 13 months




 Did you Know? 

Your Baby has an extraordinary capacity to absorb information during their first year of life and at Baby Sensory we don't waste a single moment with our multi award winning classes.


Our multi-sensory activities will stimulate your baby or babies in every way, crucial for your baby's development in these precious early stages. Even the activities that seem very simple have all been scientifically tested and proven to aid development - I will explain before each activity the reason why we are doing it and which part of learning it aids and progresses. 

Our Classes also follow your babies natural play rest play cycle to ensure they get the most out of our classes.

Our classes are designed for babies from Birth to 13 months. Activities include Music, Movement, Baby Signing, Massage, Baby Music, Light shows, Themed sessions, Water play, Messy play, Puppet shows, Bubbles and literally hundreds of props! Often the simplest of activities provide a surprising amount of stimulation and learning - but every activity we do is backed by scientific research and is proven to aid your babies learning and development enormously. 


I am always welcoming new parents and their babies and we hope to welcome you to our friendly warm welcoming classes very soon. Here at Baby Sensory Ludlow our classes very recognised and we were finalist in the Business for Children’s Award 2017 and highly commended for our classes.


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