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Loughton and Chingford

Expected Term Dates
Nov/ Dec Half Termw/c 30/10/23 - w/c 11/12/23
Jan/ Feb Half Termw/c 8/01/24 - w/c 5/02/24
Feb/ March Half Termw/c 19/02/24 - w/c 18/03/24
April/ May Half Termw/c 8/4/24 - w/c 20/6/24
June/ July Half Termw/c 3/06/24 - w/c 15/07/24



Autumn Term

September classes are ready to book below!



Ever thought that you would like to run your own classes? We are currently searching for the right people to run their very own Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense franchises.

Contact for more information 

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Please do keep an eye on emails and do find me on social media to keep up to date and enjoy some of our activities online. 

Facebook: please search for Madeleine Loughtonand Waltham Forest

Instagram: search for wowinwalthamforest



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