Baby Sensory Huntingdon

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Baby Sensory is a science backed, baby development class designed for babies from birth-13 months.  

We have instruments, baby signing, massage and exercise, sleep techniques, social playtime, action rhymes and songs.  Each session is filled with wonderful sensory experiences for the babies and adults to enjoy!  From fibre optic lights shows to glowing bouncy balls, bubbles, bells, rainbows, tickly feathers, puppets, silky scarves and water play; the possibilities for learning are endless!  Each activity we do aims to enhance learning and development in some way.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I join Baby Sensory classes in Huntingdon?

Baby Sensory is an educational interactive and developmental programme, which will help your baby learn and develop those important skills in their first year and beyond. Every class has been carefully designed, planned and researched by our founder Dr. Lin Day with you and your baby's needs in mind.

The setting is a great and safe place for you to meet new parents, ask questions, share ideas, experiences and make some wonderful memories together. 

Your class is delivered by highly trained class leaders who are all DBS checked and Baby Sensory has received the Gold Award accreditation with the Children's Activities Association (CAA).

2. How will my baby's class work?

Classes are built on your baby's natural play-rest-play cycle to ensure they are not overstimulated and get the most out of their class. 

3. Which Baby Sensory class is right for my baby?

All our classes are the same, however we group the sessions into the following age ranges: 0-6 months, 6-13 months and 0-13 months. You can see the different ages and sessions times available on our Homepage.

4. How much does each session cost and can I do pay as you go (PAYG)?

Each hour long session is £8.50 and you book in termly bookings. These typically range from 5-8 weeks.

5. Do I get a refund if I miss a session?

If you can't attend a session in the term you're welcome to offer the space to a friend. We cannot offer refunds for missed session. If for any reason we cancel a session, you will be offered a refund, credit or a make up session.

6. Am I allowed to bring someone else with me to the class?

You are more than welcome to bring a family member / friend along with you to enjoy the session together. This does not include additional children. There are always chairs available for any visitors.

7. Can I bring an older sibling along to classes?

You are not able to bring older siblings to join the sessions. This is due to the activities being specifically designed for 0-13 months old and to ensure the safety our your and other babies.

8. How long will my session last?

Each session last for an hour and follows baby's natural play-rest-play cycle. This is normally around 25 minutes of activities, 15 minutes of play break and a further 20 minutes of activities. The sessions are designed in this way to give your baby a break from the activities to avoid overstimulation. The play break also gives you and your baby a chance to explore our unique exploratory play area and have a chat with other mummies.

9. My baby is crawling/walking, can we still come?

Absolutely! Mobile babies get some much from the sessions. You may find that they spend a bit more time in the exploratory play area because they just love all the exciting things, but as soon as an activity captures their attention, they will be zooming right back.

10. What if my baby sleeps or needs feeding during the session?

You are more than welcome to breast or bottle feed your baby wherever you want to, either stay at your mat or sit at one of the chairs at the side if that's more comfortable for you. Likewise, if baby sleeps, stay where you are or move across to a chair. Did you know that your baby will take in at least 80% of surrounding stimuli whilst they're asleep? They'll still benefit from sounds, smells, touch and the closeness of you giving them a lovely snuggle and you can soak in all the information and ideas ready for when baby is awake and ready to play.

11. Is my baby too young?

Baby Sensory classes are suitable from birth, as soon as you're ready to head out with your new baby then you're more than welcome to attend. The more miraculous advances in brain structure and function occur in the first three months of life. Early postnatal experience in a nurturing and stimulating environment play an important role in this development. Our activities are specifically designed to be safe and suitable for babies from birth and developmental information given to help you play at home in an age/stage appropriate way.

12. Is my baby too old?

If your baby is under 13 months when the term starts then Baby Sensory is for you!