Baby Sensory Epping


Baby Sensory Epping

 Welcome to the pages of Baby Sensory Epping, Chigwell & Hainault.   


Baby Sensory offers a world full of exciting activities and experiences which vary weekly - there is always something new! We are accredited by the Sensory Guild and everything we do is backed by over 35 years of expert research in childhood development, so we will always explain what we’re doing and why, helping you make your baby’s first year a truly precious time of learning, fun and sensory exploration!  


During the first year of a baby’s life the brain doubles in weight.  Millions of new brain connections are made as a consequence of stimulating the senses.  The majority of new brain connections for vision, language, hearing, smell, taste, movement and learning will be formed in the first 3 months of life.


We offer a free trial (request here).  Our 1-hour classes are booked in 'full' or 'half' mini-terms, from £7.50 per class.  You can join at any and only pay for the remaining weeks.



If your preferred class is full, then please be flexible and consider attending at an alternative venue for the time being.  Then as an existing mum you will receive priority when a space becomes free in your preferred class.   



👶🏼birth - 8 month class: suitable for babies under 8 months who are not crawling.

👶🏼 6 - 13 month class: suitable for babies who are sitting up unaided, and are showing an interest in crawling, or crawling.

👶🏼birth - 13 month class: suitable for those who prefer an early class or attending with friends who have babies of different ages.



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