Baby Sensory Chelmsford

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 👋🏼 , and welcome to Baby Sensory Chelmsford. We are  very  much looking forward to meeting you and your baby at our dedicated Wow Centre in central Chelmsford.


💛We run fixed terms but you start at anytime💚

full term  - £8 per session

Half term - £8.50 per session

sessions are 1 hour which consists of 45 minutes of sensory activities ( changes each week for a whole year😉) and 15 minutes of exploratory play all at our bespoke, beautiful centre.

NEWBORN: Hello Baby 5 wk course starts 27th February: Scroll down to book

During the 5 week course. We cover a broad range of topics and techniques which aim to build your parent-baby bond, enhance your knowledge of newborn behaviour and prepare your little one for their Baby Sensory journey through gentle sensory integration techniques...

💛Baby Massage

💚Baby Yoga
💛Baby Reflexology
💚Observing sensitivity cues
💛Identifying self-soothe techniques
💚Introducing containment

💛Gentle sensory activities


We cannot wait to get started with your Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense  adventure :)

Gemma and Laura xx




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