Baby Sensory Billericay

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Welcome to Baby Sensory Barleylands, Billericay

💛💚 Baby Sensory - Precious Early Learning for Babies 💚💛


️Come in and “Say Hello” at one of our amazing multi-award winning classes;

🌛In our classes you will receive a warm welcome from our highly trained, experienced class leaders, support from other local parents, create new friendships, learn how your baby’s senses develop and ways to stimulate them, as well as making some amazing memories with your baby as they reach some of their major milestones. Each class is unique and designed entirely around your baby’s needs.

🌽Our activities include using magical light-based props, action rhymes, baby signing, musical instruments, massage techniques, exercise, sleep techniques, imagination stimulation activities and lots of fun themed sessions, to name a few. 

⭐️You can join our classes any time subject to there being spaces available.

☔️Our own, specially selected venues at Barleylands are used, with plentiful free parking and great on site facilities 

🌻All Sessions are delivered by Owner, Samantha Munro-Goudie or Experienced Class Leader, Rebecca Monnington 

👩🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼Congratulations on the birth of your little one and we hope to meet you soon.



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