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Welcome to East Riding's Baby Sensory Classes


Welcome to our magical world of sensory learning and play. 

Baby Sensory is the original Baby Development programme specifically designed for babies from birth to thirteen months. We are a science backed programme created by experts with all our activities carefully planned and created with your baby's development in mind. We lay foundations for your child's later learning through fun, safe, captivating and exciting ideas for play. 

 Our classes in the East Riding will take you through a session of rich and beneficial sensory activities following baby's natural cycle of play rest play to ensure they get the absolute best out of our classes.

Your baby's senses will be stimulated with all the textures, smells, sights, sounds, lights,  puppet shows, props and all the bubbles you can imagine in every single class….you do not want to miss out!

It is never too early to bring your baby along to our magical classes. Babies learn more in their first three months of life with their brains doubling in volume by the end of their first year. How amazing is that?

You and your baby can join our classes at anytime providing there is space so you don't have to wait for the start of a new term. 

Our classes will provide you loads of opportunities to create wonderful memories during your baby’s precious first year and also to make some fantastic friends with babies of a similar age that live locally to you. 


“I’ve had two children who have both absolutely adored the Baby Sensory classes. They explore a different theme each week in various different ways including lights, touch and singing. both of my children would light up whenever we went into the hall and loved Amy and Sam who were the class leaders. they were both so engaging, my boys were completely mesmerised by them. Really friendly and relaxed environment for new parents and everyone just feeds or changes babies when they need it. Lovely to chat to other parents who were also going through similar challenges with sleep/feeding/teething etc. I honestly can’t recommend the baby sensory classes enough, hands down the best baby class by far! Thanks so much Amy and Sam”



“I’m on my 2nd round of Baby Sensory classes after having two babies 20 months apart 

we loved our first journey starting at Victoria Dock with Sam. My eldest attended from being 6 weeks old until he graduated to Toddler Sense at 13 months. My youngest is now on the same journey but in Anlaby with Amy this time. 

Every class is so well thought out and prepared for every week is a different theme working and encouraging every aspect of your baby’s development. 

Sam and Amy have both being so welcoming and friendly and my boys have a wonderful bond with them. We love baby sensory”




You can find a timetable below with all class details and select Book Now and choose your preferred class. 





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