Welcome to Baby Sensory


Welcome to our wonderful Baby Sensory @Home classes. Whilst our venue based sessions are closed, why not bring Baby Sensory to your very own living room?

A chance to still build on your baby's development, create special one-to-one moments, gain play ideas and even have some much needed social interaction with other parents.

We are running our @Home sessions nationally and internationally, so contact your local Class Leader today.

Have a sneak a peek at one of our @Home classes in action below, they are so much fun!


Free WOW World @ Home Worksheets

To keep your children busy @home during lock-down, Dr Lin Day has created downloadable worksheets with a pirate theme 'arrrh'.

For all toddler pirates on land and across the high seas, here are some activities to start you off on your pirate adventure and keep you entertained!

Don't forget the pirate password is “Yo-ho-ho!”

Download our full range of 15 x wonderful pirate worksheets HERE!