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The Science of Fresh Air and Sunshine

There is no substitute for fresh air or natural sunlight. Fresh air contains high levels of negative ions that can have a positive impact on brain function, mood and well-being. Sunlight provides Vitamin D that children need to grow strong, healthy bones and offers protection from several common disorders and diseases.

Children may spend a lot of time indoors every day in poorly ventilated rooms, where the positive ion count is high. High levels of positive ions can affect mental performance and lead to behavioural problems and even aggression. Lack of natural sunlight can reduce energy levels, affect mental ability and speed of thinking and make children more susceptible to infection.

Fresh air and natural sunlight are priority foods for the brain and body. But, do children get enough?


For the full article click follow this link:  The Science of fresh air and sunshine.pdf

By Dr Lin Day (founder of Baby Sensory, Hello Baby, and Toddler Sense)


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