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The effect of social isolation on under fives

Social isolation describes the absence of social contact with other people or children outside the family household. Currently, enforced social isolation is due to restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, children have stayed at home for three to four months without physical contact with relatives and friends. Parents and siblings have provided the main outlet that the under-fives need for social interaction.

Parents of a single child under five years of age may feel concerned about the effect of social isolation on their child’s social and emotional wellbeing. However, research shows that the parent-child relationship is the most important factor during the pre-school years. Most experts agree that the social development of young children takes place within the family.

For the full article click follow this link: The Effect of Social Isolation on the Under-fives.pdf

By Dr Lin Day (founder of Baby Sensory, Hello Baby, and Toddler Sense)

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