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Screentime for Babies and Children

Millions of babies and children enjoy screen time every day, but is it bad or good for them? Some research suggests that watching TV, a DVD, PC, mobile or tablet can slow down speech and language development, and lead to attention disorders in later life. Some researchers recommend no screen time for very young children while others suggest that moderate screen time can be beneficial. Most arguments centre on the potential harm that it might bring to babies under two-years-old, and their developing eyesight.
There is evidence to suggest that, if used judiciously, screen time can be a useful educational tool, and that programme content and the length of time spent in front of a screen are what really matters. 

For the full article click follow this link: Screen Time for Babies and Children.pdf

By Dr Lin Day (founder of Baby Sensory, Hello Baby, and Toddler Sense)


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