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Bryony Jose

I gave birth to my first beautiful baby boy, Xavier, in May 2010. After Xavier was born I was recommended to attend Baby Sensory classes as they were new to the area, it talked about Baby Signing, Baby Massage, Bonding, Optic Light and Puppet Shows, but all designed around research to encourage baby brain development. I was intrigued and this sounded exactly what was needed for both Xavier and I. As soon as our first class was underway we were hooked. I came away as stimulated as Xavier and always left smiling from ear to ear and armed with a bunch of ideas to continue this development at home. Baby Sensory soon became the highlight of our week and was so for the following year. Since Xavier (and baby number two - Logan) my priorities changed; and I have been inspired by the classes I attended, lead by Leigh Whitwell the franchisee of the classes. It made me realise this programme draws on current research and the work of theorists and childcare experts, driving development, communication and motivation, which I am so passionate about. Baby Sensory has all the elements of all the work I have ever loved, in a fun, friendly, worthwhile and rewarding environment. I am thrilled and excited to be bringing the delights of Baby Sensory to the wonderful babies of Reading & Henley area!