Baby Sensory Southeast London (Greenwich)


Say Hello to Kate!

Kate teaches Monday at OneSpace, Tuesday at St Michaels and Wednesday at Lochaber Hall. Kate teaches predominantly in Greenwich but also covers classes in Bexley and Sidcup. Kate has been both a Baby Sensory and Toddler Sense class leader. She attended Baby Sensory with both children and Toddler Sense with her younger child. She was inspired by the stimulating and creative environments we create at Baby Sensory and loves being able to do the same for parents and babies and toddlers each week.

Say Hello to Renee!

Renee Micklefield works as the Regional Co-ordinator for South East London and Kent and has been a class leader since September 2008. Renee regular covers classes in Greenwich and helps with special events. You can find Renee teaching classes in Bexley every Wednesday at Hall Place and Friday & Saturday at the new WOW Centre in Sidcup. My journey into motherhood would not have been the same without Baby Sensory, and that is the key reason I’ve became a class leader. Some of my most treasured memories of my first daughter’s “babyhood” happened at, or as a result of the things we did at Baby Sensory… Many times my husband and I have said, “Where would we be without ‘Say Hello to the Sun’? I am really happy that I can offer classes to families in my local community and hope and believe that they will have as many wonderful experiences as my family has had. Babies truly are exceptional little people and always manage to amaze me… I look forward to welcoming you and your baby (ies) to Baby Sensory!