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Baby Sensory in partnership with Kwebl are proud to bring to you our very first app!


In the past few months Baby Sensory has been working with the company Kwebl, who are from the Netherlands, to create a new Baby Signing app for mobile. With the Baby Sensory Signbook App you can learn to communicate with baby before talking starts with these simple baby signs.

During June 2017 we brought together our own class leaders and some actors with the Kwebl crew to film 160 of our signs. We had a lot of fun on the day and are so excited to announce the release of the Baby Sensory Signbook App!

Download the new app for both Android and iOS!


The Baby Sensory signing system was developed after many years of research. It was found that babies do not have the ability to make coordinated hand and finger movements to grasp and manipulate objects and so could not recreate the common sign language used for deaf people. The Baby Sensory sign system is based on natural hand movements that can be performed by babies.

Babies are able to develop their hand-eye coordination before they can talk because the motor areas of the brain develop faster than the speech centres. Signing will help to strengthen their motor pathways, visual developments and social skills. Best of all, signing encourages communication and interaction between parent and baby, which can increase the bond between them. 

This app is great for helping you to build confidence with the signs in class and will also give you confidence to really use a lot more signing at home to create even more special moments!

Using this app, new customers for Baby Sensory can get a head start on learning our signs, such as the Say Hello song which we begin every session with! The Say Hello feature can be found on the app’s homepage.



The app features:
•    Official Baby Sensory signs right in your pocket!
•    Our very own class leaders to teach you the signs
•    Easy to use app 
•    View videos at your own speed with the ability to slow down or speed up videos
•    Compatible with our ‘The ABC of Baby Signing’ book!

You, family and friends are now able to download the Baby Sensory Signbook App! Available on both Android and iOS in the links below. Happy signing!


 The Baby Sensory Signing App is available on both Google Play (Android) and the App Store (iOS).




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